What is a PVK11-G/02 ????

From: Andreas Freiherr <Andreas.Freiherr_at_Vishay.com>
Date: Mon Dec 23 06:32:23 2002


just a thought: the "P" makes "Plessey" pop up to my mind. They did make
Qbus stuff, like memory boards and various peripheral controllers.

A weird combination you have there, anyway: CPU, FDC, and CRTC on one
board is more like a single board computer than like a mix of peripheral


P.S.: Is your domain name what I think it is (DEC-10 machine

Bob Armstrong schrieb:
> While pawing thru the piles of scrap boards at the local junk emporium,
> I came across two identical boards marked "PVK11-G/02". They have the
> standard double high/double wide QBUS form factor and dark brown/black
> module handles. The only other identification I could find printed on
> the boards was "Made in Australia" - no manufacturer or module number.
> Each board contains a 6809 (!) chip, an Intel FDC chip, a CRTC chip,
> a row of DRAMs, a couple of EPROMS, and some other miscellaneous logic.
> Now, of course, the question is "What do I have"??? A quick web search
> for PVK11 turned up nothing.
> Thanks!
> Bob Armstrong
> P.S. If you can, please cc me directly with your reply - I read this list
> in digest form and I can't wait a whole day to find out!!!
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