Mac Plus and Signatures

From: chris <>
Date: Sat Dec 28 13:22:00 2002

>Were there some that were individually, personally signed?
>Were all Mac plus delivered with these mass produced signatures?
>Or were only some delivered with these mass produced signatures?
>If these mass produced signatures were only on some Macs,
>approximately how many were supposed to have these signatures?

All Mac Pluses have those signatures.

In fact all Mac's starting from the first (128, but before it was called
that), thru the SE have signatures. And, I believe all the IIs, and some
of the IIx's, and maybe others. I'm not as positive at what point in the
II line it stopped, and I know it stopped somewhere midline with a model,
so there is at least one model that has sigs, but not in all of them.

So people that sell their 128, 512, Plus, or SE with "signatures" are
either ignorant, or trying to jack up the price hoping to catch other
ignorant people.

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