AVAIL: Xerox 630 Memorywriter system disks

From: Robert F. Schaefer <rschaefe_at_gcfn.org>
Date: Sat Dec 28 19:44:01 2002

Found a disk case at the thrift store that claims to contain the system
software for a Xerox Memorywriter 630. Contains four 5.25" floppys marked
as follows:

white XEROX 630 Memorywriter label, blank, non-write-protected

green XEROX 630 Memorywriter label, `Base System', `REORDER NO. 9R23303
VERSION 6.0 3Q85-B', write-protected

blue XEROX 630 Memorywriter label, `Options', `REORDER NO. 9R23302 VERSION
4.0 1Q85-B', write-protected

pink XEROX 630 Memorywriter label, `Forms', `REORDER NO. 9R23301 VERSION 3.0
1Q85-B', write-protected

also 2 each spare pink & blue labels w/o the version, etc. info.

No apparent physical damage, and the oxide showing in the window isn't
funny-looking, but YMMV.

Avaliable for shipping, but I'm currently in need of a set of four 2MB SIMMs
(w/ IBM's SPD) to fit in a P70... hint hint... :)

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