Mac Plus and Signatures

From: chris <>
Date: Sun Dec 29 11:52:01 2002

>If you really want to open it, take a
>BIC disposable pen, and remove the ink and the black end piece, leaving
>an empty tube. Shove a hex shaped pencil in one end, and a T-15 driver
>bit in the other. This creates a crude, but very functional Mac opener.
>If you use a long enough pencil, it is pretty easy to use.

Now if that ain't the coolest Mac Hack!

>Getting the
>case apart after the screws are out can be tricky too, and they sold a
>special tool to do it, but I have always just to be able to pull the
>halves apart.

A small spring wood clamp with the rubber end caps removed works well.
Stick the clamp end into the slot between the front and rear halves, and
then squeeze the handle. As the clamp goes to open, it will pry the
halves apart. Do this gently in a few places around the case, and the
whole unit will easily pop apart.

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