Mac Plus and Signatures

From: Sellam Ismail <>
Date: Sun Dec 29 12:44:00 2002

On Sun, 29 Dec 2002, chris wrote:

> >If you really want to open it, take a
> >BIC disposable pen, and remove the ink and the black end piece, leaving
> >an empty tube. Shove a hex shaped pencil in one end, and a T-15 driver
> >bit in the other. This creates a crude, but very functional Mac opener.
> >If you use a long enough pencil, it is pretty easy to use.

Doesn't the pencil break before you apply enough torque to turn the screw?

> >Getting the
> >case apart after the screws are out can be tricky too, and they sold a
> >special tool to do it, but I have always just to be able to pull the
> >halves apart.
> A small spring wood clamp with the rubber end caps removed works well.
> Stick the clamp end into the slot between the front and rear halves, and
> then squeeze the handle. As the clamp goes to open, it will pry the
> halves apart. Do this gently in a few places around the case, and the
> whole unit will easily pop apart.

The special tool was called the Mac Cracker.

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