Incredible Find

From: Marvin Johnston <>
Date: Sun Dec 29 13:24:00 2002

While it might be fun to build, I will keep it as it is ... unlike a
friend of mine. He took the Heath computer add-in for the H-19 computer
and had his students build it. Good news, they received some experience
soldering and putting together a kit. Bad news, they could have bought a
LOT of kits for what that one would have probably brought.

"J.C.Wren" wrote:
> Will you build it, or keep it in kit form? Or even strip the resistors
> off? I know unbuilt Heathkit radios command a high price. But what's the
> best thing to do with the interface unit?
> --John
> >
> > Well, occassionally we stumble across something that is kind
> > of unusual
> > at a great price! Yesterday at TRW, Dave (senior moment,
> > can't remember
> > his last name but former member of this list) told me about a
> > Heath 3400
> > microprocessor for sale. Turned out that the guy had the Heath
> > Microprocessor trainer AND and a mostly unbuilt (resistors
> > only soldered
> > in the board) Heath I/O interface; both were in the original box and
> > included the original manual! I have seen very few of the Heath
> > interface units, and finding one that was essentially unbuilt was ...
> > inspiring :)!!!
> >
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