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From: R. D. Davis <>
Date: Sun Dec 29 14:10:00 2002

An explanation of the title: I'm looking to trade some of my surplus
classic computer, and other, equipment for used pro-sound equipment
(what I'm looking for is listed at the end) Some of what's available
for trade:

* A large, double-height, non-DEC, Qbus expansion chasis, complete with
it's own power supply, lighted power switch, etc. on the front panel.
This is rather large and heavy.

* A set of DECVoice cards for a q-bus VAX

* Kaypro IV computer

* Many Sun-3 VME-bus boards (sorry, still no complete list of these)
that have taken over too large a part of the garage and the top of my
workbench. What I do know is that there are many CG3 boards that I'd
like to get rid of, along with graphics accellerators, etc. If you've
discussed these before with me, please don't hesitate to pester me to
check to see if I have a board that you're looking for... sometimes I
forget, and sometimes there are other things in the way of my getting
to these boards.

* PDP-11/03 chasis (may or may not have any boards, such as a CPU, in

* 25" Zenith picture tube from the 1970's or earlier (I've no idea
what to do with this, but it would be a shame to toss it in the
trash... it's been taking up space for a couple of decades, and I'd
like to find a good home for it). Somewhere, I may even have the
solid metal front panel that goes with it. Buy this tube (for a
ridiculously low price!), and I'll toss in the front panel for *free*
if I can find it ...don't delay, as this special bonus offer may
expire within the next decade or so! :-)

* 17" HP color monitor

* 19" Apollo color monitor

* Apollo DN3500 with color board.

* Parts for a PDP-11/34A, including power supply in bits, front panel,
assorted hardware such as cables and screws, boards, etc. Just add a
chasis and you may find that you have nearly a working system... maybe
you can even convince me to part with the real core memory for it!

* A Falco 5000 (F5000?) terminal that needs a few adjustments

* A Macintosh 512K

* A 19" wide rack-mountable slide-out drawer. You need one of these
in your PDP-11's rack, don't you? Yes, you do! :-)

* A QMS printer controller (?) board for Macintosh computers

Other things that may be of interest to some...

* CRT from an ancient Dumont oscilloscope

* A modular GE mobile transceiver with valves in the transmitter and
receiver. The third module is a vibrator type power supply. This was
originally used as a police radio or somesuch. The case that
surrounds this is missing, but you get the frame that holds the
modules together. Somewhere, I may have the service manual for it.

* A vintage Kenwood (KR-7070, IIRC) top-of-the line receiver, from the
1970s, in need of a little restoration work, complete with real-wood,
not veneer, cabinetry.

                        = = = = = = = = =

Items on my audio and synthesis "want list" include:

* compressor/limiter (preferably one using tubes)

* spectral enhancer or similar equipment (e.g. DBX model 726)

* instrument condenser microphone (at least 30Hz to 20KHz bandwidth,
+/- 3 db);

* Tascam DX-4D, 4-channel DBX-1 unit

* 8-channel 1/2" reel to reel with good heads & motors ...and other
mechanical bits in good or repairable condition. Test tape for
calibration must still be available from some source.

* old 12-plus channel mixer board (must have analog VU meters); ok to
be in need of electronic/electrical repairs; prefer Yamaha boards, but
that's not a definite requirement

* 19" mobile console rack that will hold rack-mounted multitrack
recorder at a 20 to 45 degree, or so, angle (e.g., something
resembling a Tascam CS-607B rack)

* phase shifter

* factory patch tapes for Juno-60 synth

* audio patch bay (16 to 32 channels)

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