Sun workstation and HP 98789A monitor?

From: R. D. Davis <>
Date: Sun Dec 29 22:42:00 2002

Tonight while looking for a wall wart for an old Hayes modem, I
discovered something that I didn't know I had: some sort of monitor
cable adapter. At one end is a Sun workstation style monitor
connector from which four cables are connected to BNC connectors with
reg, green, blue and white labels. Does anyone on this group knows if
it will work with an HP (Sony) 98789A fixed frequency monitor which
has R, G, B and HD and VD sync connectors (can I use just one of these
syncs?). I'd hook it up to see if it works without asking, but I'd
prefer not to have to carry the monitor down to the basement if it
isn't going to work. :-)

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