Sun workstation and HP 98789A monitor?

From: Doc Shipley <>
Date: Sun Dec 29 23:12:00 2002

On Mon, 30 Dec 2002, R. D. Davis wrote:

> Tonight while looking for a wall wart for an old Hayes modem, I
> discovered something that I didn't know I had: some sort of monitor
> cable adapter. At one end is a Sun workstation style monitor
> connector from which four cables are connected to BNC connectors with
> reg, green, blue and white labels. Does anyone on this group knows if
> it will work with an HP (Sony) 98789A fixed frequency monitor which
> has R, G, B and HD and VD sync connectors (can I use just one of these
> syncs?). I'd hook it up to see if it works without asking, but I'd
> prefer not to have to carry the monitor down to the basement if it
> isn't going to work. :-)

  That's going to depend more on the graphics adapter than the cable
adapter. If the adapter outputs sync-on-green (old DEC, SGI), you can
use only the R, G, and B connectors, or use the white one on the HD sync
if your graphics card outputs Composite-Sync (Macs, most Sun, etc.)

  All of the 5-BNC displays I've owned would work with mono (one
connection to green), RGB, Composite-Sync, or Separatee-Sync. However,
fixed-frequency displas often won't work because the graphics adapter
can't be tuned to the right sync & refresh. My HP 98754A - same specs,
bigger tube - will work with an MCA color graphics adapter, although the
picture is square, an IBM X-Station 150, most of my 9000/7xx boxes, and,
IIRC, the 4-plane color board in one of my VAXstation 3100s.
  The specs are 63.35KHz and 60Hz, by the way. You can probably
underdrive it by 5%, and I wouldn't overdrive it more than 1-2%, if at

  What are you going to connect it to?

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