Anybody need a Telex FC500 keyboard?

From: Steve Jones <>
Date: Mon Dec 30 20:44:00 2002

Anybody need an old Telex keyboard? The closest I could come to a
model number was "FC 500" from a label on the underside. More or
less normal pre-PC QWERTY keyboard, with a bunch of editing keys
in the cursor cluster to the right.

It's on a discount table at the MicroCenter in Cambridge, MA. If
you really want this and will pay shipping, I'd be willing to go
back for it. Probably $1.99, but I don't recall seeing it marked.

I picked up a couple of Sun type 5c keyboards while I was there,
since they have the control key where g*d and nature intended
(just left of the "A" key). If you want such a beast for $1.99,
check your local MicroCenter ( - matching Sun
mice for $0.99, optical or mechanical. Dunno where they're coming
from, but they've been there since before Thanksgiving.

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