DEC 3000 300X/300

From: Bradley Slavik <>
Date: Tue Dec 31 06:56:00 2002

Jochen writes
> Why? You need pairs of 8 MB or 32 MB FPM parity 72 pin SIMMs.
> Not that uncommon.
Thanks for the useful information about the memory. I have already managed
to locate 1 pair of SIMMs on Ebay. I will continue until maxed out.

>> Now I look at the back of the machine and my main
>> question is what cable do I need to hook up my VT220, or my VT420,
Jochen replies
> Any regular "null-modem" cable should do the job.
I see how to hook up vt220 with db25 f-f null modem cable, but how does that
get vt420 hooked up? It appears to have some kind of RJ connecton in back,
not DB style. Is there a special cable for that?
>> or what
>> model monitor with keyboard and mouse is this thing supposed to work with?
> You need a LK201 or LK401 keyboard and a VSxxx mouse. The same keyboard
> (and mouse) as used on the VT[234]xx terminals and the VAXstations.
Where do they hook up to? I see on ebay cables with db15 end and 3 bnc,
keyboard and mouse at the other end. I hook this into back of DEC 3000 where
it has tablet port? or do I need two separate cables, one for monitor from
3w3 connector and one from tablet port for keyboard and mouse?

>> In a typical DEC fashion, in the manual they do not mention model numbers of
>> monitor to go with it,
> The video timings for the on board Smart Frame Buffer are:
> 1024 x 786 _at_ 72 Hz for the 300L
> 1280 x 1024 _at_ 72 Hz for the 300, 300X, 300LX
> Any sync on green capable multisync monitor can be used. You just need
> a 3W3 video cable.

I have plenty of monitors, but not quite sure what you are saying. Say I
have monitor with 13w3 connector on back, then I need 3w3 to 13w3 cable and
monitor is set? Where do keyboard and mouse come into picture? Special cable
plugging into tablet port (DB15) in back of DEC 3000?

Sorry for so many questions, but I do not know too much about these machines
(as if that is not obvious). Still I hope to soon have OpenVMS or Linux
running on them.

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