DEC 3000 300X/300

From: Roger Merchberger <>
Date: Tue Dec 31 09:19:00 2002

Rumor has it that Bradley Slavik may have mentioned these words:

>Thanks for the useful information about the memory. I have already managed
>to locate 1 pair of SIMMs on Ebay. I will continue until maxed out.

I have no affiliation other than I'm a satisfied customer:

Quite possibly better prices than what you'll find on Ebay...

>Where do they hook up to? I see on ebay cables with db15 end and 3 bnc,
>keyboard and mouse at the other end. I hook this into back of DEC 3000 where
>it has tablet port? or do I need two separate cables, one for monitor from
>3w3 connector and one from tablet port for keyboard and mouse?

You'll need a 3w3 -> 3 BNC cable (for a 3/4/5 BNC connector monitor) and
you'll need a special thingamawidget to hook a keyboard & mouse up -- I'm
at work, DEC3000/300 at home, so I can't take a look at it just yet...

>I have plenty of monitors, but not quite sure what you are saying. Say I
>have monitor with 13w3 connector on back, then I need 3w3 to 13w3 cable and
>monitor is set? Where do keyboard and mouse come into picture? Special cable
>plugging into tablet port (DB15) in back of DEC 3000?

Yea, that sounds right.

>Sorry for so many questions, but I do not know too much about these
>machines (as if that is not obvious). Still I hope to soon have OpenVMS or
>Linux running on them.

Hmmm... Linux? Keep hoping. AFAIK, linux doesn't support TurboChannel (or
at least not much of it), so it'll be a struggle. NetBSD _last I checked_
ran fine on it, but didn't support any framebuffers, so you would need a
terminal hooked up to it (which would negate your need to get the
keyboard/mouse/monitor running... ;-) - but you'd wanna check
for sure... maybe it's supported now.

I ran Tru64 Unix on mine, it ran fair, but a little slow on 128Meg RAM --
debating when I can put in a little money into my little beastie... but I
plan on running VMS on it when I do.

Anywho, HTH & Happy New Year!
Roger "Merch" Merchberger

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