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Date: Tue Dec 31 10:12:00 2002

On Dec 31, 5:04, Justin wrote:

> Now I'm working on getting my VAXstation 3100 up and working. IT works
> but my keyboard is shot. I have the LK201, which seems to have a matrix
> fault. about 1/6 of the keys work. :-( I bought a LK401 on ebay and
> person said it had the right connector when I asked. I waited too long
> after I got it and found out it didn't in fact have the right connector.
> Does anyone know about these? my VAX Station takes the 4 element RJ11
> which I have the pinout from the netbsd archive. The LK401 I have though
> has a 6 pin (5 of those are connected) minidin. ( I think its a minidin
> anyway ).

Oops. Sounds like you have an LK450, LK461 or LK471, not an LK401. LK401
uses a DEC protocol, the others are PS/2-style keyboards. They're not
interchangeable, I'm afraid. There should be a label on the underside,
with three barcodes, the top barcode being the model number. Does it say
LK401, or something a little different?

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