Unibus UDA50 pinout, qbus RL02

From: felten_at_vaxnet.de <(felten_at_vaxnet.de)>
Date: Tue Dec 31 10:57:31 2002


Does someone have the pinout for a UDA50 ?
I have the two-board-set M7485-YA and M7486 but I don't have the cables
from the controller and no bulkhead. I'd like to connect a single RA80
and I know about the "uneven number of cables"-rule. Currently the RA80
has two cables connected to the cabinet (mini bulkhead?), from there's
another cable haning loose. Can I make a cable that fits onto this cable
and the UDA50 ? What kind of coaxial cable should I use ?
Anything else I should know or check before powering up the drive ?

Another topic: M8061 (qbus, RLV12 for RL02)
Something strage is happening when I try to boot from or access my RL02....

PDP 11/83, 4mb ram
M8061 and one RL02 (drive0), terminator

When I boot the RL02, the run light simply goes off.
No error message, nothing. the clock signal from the controller should
be there, because i can load the disk, the drive spins up and the Ready
"0" light goes on.
When booting 2.11BSD (from RD54) the same thing happens: the run light
goes off, again no error message. The loaded diskpack contains afaik no
usefull information. Trying another diskpack didn't change anything. The
controller is jumpered as described in the RLV Users Guide and set for
Q22 operation.
The drive & cable are ok, because I can hang it on my 11/44 and boot
RSX11M from another diskpack with it.

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