backdoor account for Micro/RSX ?

From: Gooijen H <>
Date: Wed Jan 2 02:03:21 2002

Hi all.
First of all, best wishes and good health for 2002!
During the holidays I had a look at my 11/53.
It boots fine, this is what appears on the VT102.

9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1
  <head load/unload on the RX50>


Micro/RSX system startup procedure <in double-width font>
   Copyright (C) 1986 by ..
   Time and date: 13:44 31-dec-01 <filled in by myself>
   Startup will take between one to three minutes to complete.
SFD -- Device not variable speed multiplexer
$; Installing Software via Command File LB:[VGS5000MC]VGS5000.CMD
   Task "TT0 " terminated
   Odd addrfess or other trap four
$; Installing Software via Command File LB:[EDP]EDP.CMD
31-DEC-01 13:45 From MICROD::TT0: to ALL:
$ <EOF>
Have a Good Afternoon
31-DEC-01 13:45 TT0: logged off MICROD

So, I guess, this looks good.
I do not have any experience with RSX or Micro/RSX.
At the $ prompt MCR accepts only "login", "hello", and "help".
Now, I vaguely remember from this list that when you enter
login, the account is either "master" and the password is "system"
or vice versa. Neither combination is accepted.
Is there a way to get in, or remove the account file?
Or should I try to load an other OS as I want to add a DEQNA?

- Henk.
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