backdoor account for Micro/RSX ?

From: Johnny Billquist <>
Date: Wed Jan 2 02:48:37 2002

On Wed, 2 Jan 2002, Gooijen H wrote:


> So, I guess, this looks good.
> I do not have any experience with RSX or Micro/RSX.
> At the $ prompt MCR accepts only "login", "hello", and "help".
> Now, I vaguely remember from this list that when you enter
> login, the account is either "master" and the password is "system"
> or vice versa. Neither combination is accepted.

That will only work if they never changed the password of the system
account. Sensible people change that first of all.

> Is there a way to get in, or remove the account file?

Yes. When asked for the time, press ^Z. That will leave you logged in on
the system at the beginning of the boot procedure.
You should run ACNT (RUN $ACNT) and change the password of a good account
to something you know, and then boot again, or manually enter the
_at_[x,y]SYSTARTUP.CMD to let the boot script run through.

> Or should I try to load an other OS as I want to adda DEQNA?

DEQNAs can be used under RSX. Just add DECnet. :-)
But sure, you could run 2.11BSD as well.


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