KIM-1 (was Re: Cheap Video cookbooks and machines WTD)

From: Cini, Richard <>
Date: Wed Jan 2 08:00:22 2002


        I may actually have a copy of the Cheap Video Cookbook that I got
with the TVT6 board for the KIM that I have (unbuilt in the package -- it's
killing me). Is it black with a multi-color image on the front?

If the binding is in acceptable condition, I'll copy it and scan it. Now I
have to find it :-)


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> Hans B Pufal wrote:
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> > Philip Pemberton wrote:
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> > > Hi,
> > > I'm trying to get a copy of Don Lancaster's "Cheap Video
> > > Cookbook" and "Son of Cheap Video" books

I don't think the "Cheap Video Cookbook" would survive the scanning
process (or at least, mine surely wouldn't - the binding would fragment
and I would have a stack of loose sheets - easier to scan, but kinda
messy for later).

The guy who gave me the pile of S-100 stuff this week had "Son of
Cheap Video", but he kept it.

> I think somebody has done a KIM clone on the web if you need a clone.

The KIM is one of the items on my list from that era to aquire (got a
SYM-1 and an AIM-65). I'd love to see a website about a clone. Was it
this - - you were thinking
of? A schematic, but no board layout (I can generate schematics all day
long with OrCAD, but for a variety of reasons, I've never been able to
successfully migrate one of my designs to a layout package, which is why
the Elf99 project stalled).

> From what I remember off the web
> a 'true' KIM used custom 65xx parts for I/O and memory select.

They do - custom 6530s - 1K ROM, 64 bytes of RAM, I/O and timer. Handy
if you are trying to make a reduced-part-count machine. I think there's
been some effort to imitate a KIM-1 6530 with a daughter-card, but I
don't know if anyone has ever successfully emulated one.

There's a *nice* KIM-1 page at, surprise, surprise,
as well as Ruud Baltison's page at
(Ruud is a frequent poster on the cbm-hacker's list)


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