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From: Chris <>
Date: Wed Jan 2 12:03:05 2002

>This is a grey issue. Brand names often become generic. I bet when you
>want an "aspirin" you don't ask for a "pain reliever" or
>"analgesic", and, unless you are a polymer chemist, what would you call
>"styrofoam" other than "styrofoam"? Examples abound:
>Kleenex, Band-aid, Thermos (from King-Sealy Thermos), Frisbee, etc. The
>purpose of language is to communicate with precision, and
>sometimes the most precise way is to use the "common usage" term. You
>would sound pretty preposterous asking someone to toss you
>that "plastic flying disc."

Ok.. THANK YOU... this is the whole point. Crescent Wrench, Yo-Yo,
Centronics... it matters not what the "correct" name is... what matters
is that people understand what you are talking about, and that means,
sometimes the "common name" takes over.

Why is it that when it comes to a wrench, people can understand this, but
when it comes to connectors they get their underwear in a bunch? My guess
is, for the same reason I see red every time someone pulls out a video
camera and says "let me film this"... it is TAPE damnit not film... to
"normal" people, this makes no difference, to someone that spent years
working in TV, it makes all the difference in the world (and if confused
when talking about going on location for a shoot, you could wind up with
a radically different set of equipment).


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