Trailing-edge compute farm seeks gainful employment

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Date: Thu Jan 3 03:51:10 2002

       This is becoming a pretty silly thread because there can be
without proper grammer ; if we are being technical here. Sure there is
u just dont understand it.
       The real story here is this is pretty much a none issue since what i
am saying and pretty much what everyone is saying here, is just to enjoy a
hobby. To worry about someones ideas to the point that it bothers u defeats
the purpose of a hobby; to have fun or to enjoy yourself. If you cant
understand something ; it doesnt matter. This is not a business or the F.B.I
; it is just a hobby.
       I get your point. I do use a lot of shorthand and because this is a
i dont focus very much on my grammer. If u see me post then dont read it.
       That is all that i have to say about this matter.

P.S i hope the grammer helps you understand this.
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