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From: Merle K. Peirce <>
Date: Thu Jan 3 07:47:57 2002

Proper grammer promotes better understanding. After all, even a monkey
can sometimes make himself understood, even without language or grammar,
and you're better than that, aren't you?

Think of it this way - You're on stage, looking at a script and discover
the stage directions simply say maybe. This might, in certain situations
be appropriate, but generally, it will only leave confusion. That's the
point everyone is trying to make. you shouldn't feel so sensitive about it.

Also, you're not the only non-technical person here. just relax and
learn to enjoy the discussions which are often trenchant and very involved.

On Thu, 3 Jan 2002

> This is becoming a pretty silly thread because there can be
> understanding
> without proper grammer ; if we are being technical here. Sure there is
> meaning,
> u just dont understand it.
> The real story here is this is pretty much a none issue since what i
> am saying and pretty much what everyone is saying here, is just to enjoy a
> hobby. To worry about someones ideas to the point that it bothers u defeats
> the purpose of a hobby; to have fun or to enjoy yourself. If you cant
> understand something ; it doesnt matter. This is not a business or the F.B.I
> ; it is just a hobby.
> I get your point. I do use a lot of shorthand and because this is a
> hobby
> i dont focus very much on my grammer. If u see me post then dont read it.
> That is all that i have to say about this matter.
> joee
> P.S i hope the grammer helps you understand this.

M. K. Peirce

Rhode Island Computer Museum, Inc.
Shady Lea, Rhode Island

"Casta est quam nemo rogavit."
              - Ovid
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