Any AMIGA users?

From: Fred Cisin <>
Date: Thu Jan 3 10:43:15 2002

> > Certainly the PC hardware, regardless of OS or other software
> > can NOT do
> > Amiga.
> > Can the Linux catweasel drivers actually use the catweasel as its disk
> > controller for the file system? Or is this an issue that the
> > catweasel
> > software (that does NOT work at a filesystem level) can also RUN under
> > linux?

On Thu, 3 Jan 2002, Christopher Smith wrote:
> Right, but remember that linux won't run only on peesees. :) Linux on
> a power-mac (or amiga!) will likely produce bit-for-bit copies of
> amiga disks just fine.

The discussion was how to make an Amiga disk using a PC.
It can not be done with the stock PC hardware.
Somebody said that it could be done with the stock PC, by using Linux.

> Also, I think it's the standard linux floppy disk driver, which is
> pretty flexible, and not a special "catweasel" driver, so it would be
> handled just the same as a standard floppy setup. So I guess you
> could write ext2 filesystems to 880k floppies if you want ;)

The "standard linux floppy disk driver" will operate the Catweasel card?
(It is NOT a floppy disk controller in terms of BIOS level interaction.)
The "standard linux floppy disk driver" will do stuff that is impossible
with the PC hardware, without needing the Catweasel?

I would love to know how EITHER of those would work.

It WOULD be possible to write a floppy disk driver for Linux that could
make use of the Catweasel. But it has, apparently NOT been done, and
therefore suggestions of USING that are inappropriate.

> Or ... one could write an amiga filesystem for linux. I actually
> wonder why this hasn't been done.

For use with linux on an Amiga?

Or are you trying to say that writing an amiga filesystem for Linux, would
permit a PC running Linux to read and write Amiga disksettes without
special hardware?
Could you also write one for NorthStar-DOS? (hard-sectored)
How about one for Apple-DOS? (GCR)
How about one that reads 8" diskettes in a 5.25" drive? (Maybe trimming
the edges, and not being able to read some outer tracks :-)

> > Has anybody, anywhere, EVER gotten a catweasel to work as a
> > controller to
> > do file system level operations?
> After this discussion, I'm tempted to get one and try. Too bad I can't afford it just now.

Please let us know when you do.
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