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From: M H Stein <>
Date: Fri Jan 4 01:27:03 2002

Whoa, can't let that one by: we know what a snowmobile is up here (c'mon,
fellow Canucks, back me up on this one!); mind you, if you asked ME what
a snowmobile is, I would indeed look at ya kind of funny (oops, funnily, for
the language police), since apparently YOU don't know what it is or you
wouldn't be asking...

But a snow sled??? Who calls it that? Sounds like the SkiDoo trailer.

Anyway, one of us invented the thing, so we can call it what we like!

So there!


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[more snippage (pronounced snippahdge up here, not snippedge :)]

And as it's winter, and we *finally* have snow here, talk to some Western
Ontario Canadians and ask them what a "snowmobile" or "snow sled" is -
they'll most likely look at you funny, at least for a few seconds until it
sinks in. They go "skidooing" in the wintertime.
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