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From: Matt London <>
Date: Fri Jan 4 07:10:23 2002


> Whoa, can't let that one by: we know what a snowmobile is up here (c'mon,
> fellow Canucks, back me up on this one!); mind you, if you asked ME what
> a snowmobile is, I would indeed look at ya kind of funny (oops, funnily, for
> the language police), since apparently YOU don't know what it is or you
> wouldn't be asking...
> But a snow sled??? Who calls it that? Sounds like the SkiDoo trailer.
> Anyway, one of us invented the thing, so we can call it what we like!

Just a second! What's this I see...
  From: M H Stein <>
A Canuck wuth a email address? Something screwy there if you ask
me, but then again I'm one of those dodgy brits :&)

-- Matt

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