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Date: Fri Jan 4 07:02:25 2002

writing an idea about a hobby is not an art form. that is my point.
you only need precision when you need it. like standing in a karate
stance when there is no one to fight. you get in the stance when needed.
same with precision. pick your spots.
has no one ever heard of that.
pick the battles you fight.
you dont have to fight all of them; just the ones that matter.
same with percision.
if someone says good morning and you dont understand them.
you may inquired as to what they said. but after that one inquiry
if it is not clear what they said , it really doesnt matter because
what they may have been saying wasnt important enough to
grill them for an hour.

some one said the post didnt warrant a response.
he was correct. i was just talking about an idea.
thats it. it was not important.

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