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Date: Fri Jan 4 11:02:48 2002

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> has no one ever heard of that.
> pick the battles you fight.

Of course. Is it not from Sun Tsu's "The Art of War?"

... but I'd hardly call typing a war. :) If it is, then it's likely that you'll want to "win" it if you plan to work with computers.

> some one said the post didnt warrant a response.
> he was correct. i was just talking about an idea.
> thats it. it was not important.

You must believe what you say is of some import, otherwise, why bother to post anything? People are just complaining that while you seem to care enough about what you're saying to post it, you don't seem to care enough to allow them to understand it.

The only word of caution I would give is that this is a very "hands-on" (technical, if you prefer the term) list. If you speak about things without being detailed enough for everyone to comprehend, it may annoy several people. (Myself included, honestly. :)

Let me give the example of your post, which said, essentially:

"Why do you need a bigger network?"

You might have explained why you thought that the subjects current network was big enough, or you might have asked specific questions in order to get a good idea of its size. The question -- especially being the entire content of the post -- is pretty vague. :) On top of that it was abbreviated. ;) How are we ever supposed to hold a conversation with you that way?

I'll also say that I might expect a one-sentence post if it were, for instance, a very direct answer to a technical question. On the other hand, a one-sentence post which asks such a broad question about a broad topic is almost definitely not giving complete expression to the question. (Or it's philosophical, and not expecting an answer -- in which case, why post?) We can't see you, and we don't know you yet, so we have no idea whether (or how) we can draw any inferences from the question.

In other words, it's not a matter of being textbook correct, but making yourself understood.

(Wow, am I that long-winded?)


Chris, who isn't even awake yet -- watch out after lunch

Christopher Smith, Perl Developer
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