Pro380 question

From: Zane H. Healy <>
Date: Thu Jan 3 19:09:24 2002

> The DECNA isn't too useful outside of a DECnet then? Does
> RT-11 support the RD-52? I know that the docs for Venix state that
> there's a problem with using Venix and the RD-52 together. How hard
> is it to get the RX-50 disks of RT-11 and to straighten out all the
> licensing issues?

Can you get DECnet for POS? Good luck getting it for RT-11, and even if you
do, I don't know if it would support the DECNA. RT-11 shouldn't have any
problem with RD52's.

As for the RX50's of RT-11 and licensing issues, that's the tricky part.
You probably don't want to know what a license costs.

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