Pro380 question

From: Jeff Hellige <>
Date: Thu Jan 3 19:51:47 2002

>Can you get DECnet for POS? Good luck getting it for RT-11, and even if you
>do, I don't know if it would support the DECNA. RT-11 shouldn't have any
>problem with RD52's.

        The 'Pro/DECnet Tool Kit Programmer's Reference Manual' dated
November 1985 has a diagram showing both Pro350 and Pro380 machines
(both using the DECNA) connected to a VAX 11/780 and VAX 11/730 (both
using the DEUNA) over ethernet. I've not found anything in any of
the documentation which states which operating system it referenced

>As for the RX50's of RT-11 and licensing issues, that's the tricky part.
>You probably don't want to know what a license costs.

        That's what I figured. It sounds like the Pro will be like
my MicroVAX then and retain whatever OS it currently has loaded just
because it's the only thing I have.

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