Intel iPDS Archives accomplished

From: Dave Mabry <>
Date: Thu Jan 3 19:16:09 2002

Well, I just wanted to thank you all for suggesting Teledisk and
prodding me into setting up a system that will let me archive my iPDS
(Intel Personal Development System) diskettes. As background, this
computer uses a 96tpi, double sided 5.25" diskette drive. That amounts
to approximately 640k of storage, without my calculating it exactly.
Teledisk 2.12 works on that format using a 1.2M HD drive, and it seems
to work perfectly. I made a system diskette image and recreated a
workable diskette from the image.

For me, finding a system with a 5.25" drive was the challenge. I
realized in this process that I didn't have any at my house, but I had
several old Zenith SupersPort, SupersPort 286, and SupersPort SX
laptops. They can access an external drive and I had some Zenith
external drives. Unfortunately Zenith never marketed anything but a
48tpi (360k Bytes) drive. Tonight I was able to figure out the
jumpering for that drive and put a 1.2M HD drive into that package and
make it work with Teledisk.

In a former life I had used Teledisk and forgotten how useful it was.

Anyway, the point of this post is to offer anyone who would like them
images of system diskettes for the Intel iPDS. I have CP/M 2.2 straight
from Intel, CP/M 2.2 with my enhanced BIOS, ISIS-PDS (Intel's operating
system), and many ISIS applications (like the EPROM software, IPPS). I
would be happy to e-mail anyone the Teledisk images from anything that I
have for that machine. Just ask me privately for what you'd like. I
think I even have a CP/M Plus that I implemented for that system. All
you would need is Teledisk and a system with a 1.2M HD drive to recreate
bootable diskettes for the iPDS.

And to Sellam, I know I told you I'd mail you diskettes. This is to ask
if you'd prefer images. You'll get them faster. ;-)

Dave Mabry   
Dossin Museum Underwater Research Team
NACD #2093
Received on Thu Jan 03 2002 - 19:16:09 GMT

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