Strange and Possibly Wonderful Cable

From: Doc Shipley <>
Date: Fri Jan 4 20:36:46 2002

  I picked up a 35lb load of mostly Mac-related cast-offs last night,
and scored many cool objets de junque.
  The 2 things I can't really identify are a Panasonic Easa-Phone,
KX-T1225 which seems to be a speed-dialer of some sort. The other is a
cable with a (Doc ducks & prepares to rub) 36-pin Centronics connector,
plus eyelet ground, on one end and a female card-edge connector on the
other. The shrouds are steel, squared, and embossed "TANDY" on both
ends. While I've never seen one, I'm guessing it's a Tandy printer
  The rest of the haul is mostly OT, but see gimme list below:

  working SyQuest 88MB drive & some cartridges
  cordless 3-button mouse
  a whole bag of the fabled 800K floppies
  2 copies of FWB's Hard Disk Toolkit (one is even on-topic, I think.
        System 6.0 bootable disk) The newer version came with docs
  CharisMac Anubis that I can't date, but there's NO version info in the
        docs, copyright is 1989-1996
  Astarte Toast CD-ROM Pro v3, in original box but no docs
  Adobe PageMill v2.0, no docs no key
  Adobe Photo Deluxe no docs
  Adobe Illustator v6 no docs no key (Waahhh!!!)
  A couple of NuBus ethernet adapters, one with its right-angle adapter
  A loose right-angle NuBus adapters with *2* female connectors
  several Apple-AUI/10B2 transceivers
  14400 (no AC adapter) SupraFax modem (needs 9V AC PSU)
  33.6 SupraExpress modem with all its parts
  GeoPort Telecom Adapter - first one I've found in the wild
  2 28.8 SupraExpress modems, intact
  1998 revision of the "Mac Upgrade and Repair Bible" with its CD.

  Not bad for free. The transceivers, the 14.4 modem, the Tandy cable
and all the NuBus cards are all up for adoption; the rest is probably
available for trade if you need something.
  All this because I gave $35 for a PowerBook 145B I didn't want and the
QuickTake 150 (with all its docs, disks, and a NIB Battery Booster Pack)
that I did want last week. Yee Haw.

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