Strange and Possibly Wonderful Cable

From: Don Maslin <>
Date: Sat Jan 5 14:00:35 2002

On Fri, 4 Jan 2002, Doc Shipley wrote:

> Hi.
> I picked up a 35lb load of mostly Mac-related cast-offs last night,
> and scored many cool objets de junque.
> The 2 things I can't really identify are a Panasonic Easa-Phone,
> KX-T1225 which seems to be a speed-dialer of some sort. The other is a
> cable with a (Doc ducks & prepares to rub) 36-pin Centronics connector,
> plus eyelet ground, on one end and a female card-edge connector on the
> other. The shrouds are steel, squared, and embossed "TANDY" on both
> ends. While I've never seen one, I'm guessing it's a Tandy printer
> cable.

Quite right. Also usable on the Morrow MD-x series if you pay attention
to the location of the ground contacts. IIRC, it goes on the MD card
edge upside down.
                                                 - don

> The rest of the haul is mostly OT, but see gimme list below:
> working SyQuest 88MB drive & some cartridges
> cordless 3-button mouse
> a whole bag of the fabled 800K floppies
> 2 copies of FWB's Hard Disk Toolkit (one is even on-topic, I think.
> System 6.0 bootable disk) The newer version came with docs
> CharisMac Anubis that I can't date, but there's NO version info in the
> docs, copyright is 1989-1996
> Astarte Toast CD-ROM Pro v3, in original box but no docs
> Adobe PageMill v2.0, no docs no key
> Adobe Photo Deluxe no docs
> Adobe Illustator v6 no docs no key (Waahhh!!!)
> A couple of NuBus ethernet adapters, one with its right-angle adapter
> A loose right-angle NuBus adapters with *2* female connectors
> several Apple-AUI/10B2 transceivers
> 14400 (no AC adapter) SupraFax modem (needs 9V AC PSU)
> 33.6 SupraExpress modem with all its parts
> GeoPort Telecom Adapter - first one I've found in the wild
> 2 28.8 SupraExpress modems, intact
> 1998 revision of the "Mac Upgrade and Repair Bible" with its CD.
> Not bad for free. The transceivers, the 14.4 modem, the Tandy cable
> and all the NuBus cards are all up for adoption; the rest is probably
> available for trade if you need something.
> All this because I gave $35 for a PowerBook 145B I didn't want and the
> QuickTake 150 (with all its docs, disks, and a NIB Battery Booster Pack)
> that I did want last week. Yee Haw.
> Doc
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