Almost On-Topic: DEC AHA1742B Firmware

From: Doc Shipley <>
Date: Fri Jan 4 22:39:53 2002

Hi, again.
  I just tripped on my Jensen box looking for the dial calipers, and
that reminded me. I have a DEC 2000/150axp, working, and a copy of
Digital Unix v4.0, licensed, that I want to run on it. The problem is
the EISA SCSI firmware. The OS wants firmware version G2, my AHA1742
has version G1. I tried the firmware images from Adaptec, but the DEC
installer hurls on that too. Does anyone know where I might find DEC
firmware upgrades for the SCSI adapter? Burning the EEPROMs isn't a
  This box is only 9-and-a-half years old, so you'll all please excuse
me. ;)

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