Strange and Possibly Wonderful Cable

From: Jeff Hellige <>
Date: Sat Jan 5 11:21:12 2002

>I'd be VERY interested in knowing WHAT differences there are. The 26-1401
>fits a "standard" 34 pin card edge, just like the floppy drive (RS had
>lots of problems with people connecting things to the wrong port!)
>There could be pinout differences that need to be buzzed out.

        I no longer have the pinouts for the various TRS-80/Tandy
printer ports. I've got the pinouts for the 1000HX and the 2000, but
that's it. The 26-1401 isn't keyed at all either so it'd be easy
enough to plug it in upside down. The later shielded cables for the
1000-series have 'Top' embossed on the metal shield around the

>Somebody said that there were different cables for Non-Tandy
>printers. I'd be very interested in more detail on that, since the only
>difference that I remember was that RS configured all of their printers
>for auto LF after CR, but that they were otherwise completely
>interchangeable, and "standard Centronics port".

        The links to Tandy's own documentation suggests the need for
the different cables depending on what printer type is used. Some of
their later printers did have an option switch which did allow you to
choose between Tandy and IBM modes, afaik. Maybe it was something as
simple as the LF and CR being different. That's been enough of a
difference to cause problems with text editors and such between
systems in the past.

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