From: Kees Stravers <kees.stravers_at_iae.nl>
Date: Sun Jan 6 17:18:57 2002

I got a question on a Kaypro computer that I couldn't answer, never
having seen one of these. But one of you sure knows.

 Leo Jormanainen <lexa_at_mail.island.net> wrote:
>I have what appears to be a KAYPRO 286 motherboard on a full length 16bit
>ISA card.
>The CPU is a N80L286-12/S, 815DH31 AMD (M) INTEL 1982.
>It has two AMD Bios's marked 81-1748 & 49, 1988 KAYPRO.
>Facing the chip side, on the left are 8 memory slots. At the left top are a
>9 pin connector
>and beside it is a 4 pin connector with the center two clipped.. On the
>right top it has a 4
>pin connector with one connector clipped. There is a red (reset)?? button
>on the end plate.
>It plugs into a standard full length ISA slot.
>Question, What do I have and what are the connectors for? I'd love to see
>this work!
>Can I plug this into a empty motherboard and power it up, first I need to
>know how the
>connectors are hooked up.
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