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Date: Sun Jan 6 18:17:47 2002

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> I've got a T3100e, so this may be irrelevant, but FWIW:
> Just had to replace the Li battery in mine; cost $15
> the last time, $25 today. Since there was just enough
> room in there for 2 alkaline AAs in a holder, I thought
> I'd give that a try; seems to be working fine so far,
> despite being only 3V instead of 3.6V.
Thanks for the tip Mike. I had intended to fit some NiCds but opted for two
AAA alkaline cells. They've done the job and fit nicely under the keyboard.

> Re the HD: when mine failed a few years back, I heard
> lots of info that it was an ST-512 drive with a special
> connector. Apparently not; installed a standard 80Mb
> (MB? mb? mB? :) IDE drive, Disk Manager to get around
> the fixed drive type, and Bob's your uncle.
> Good luck with the cleanup.
> mike
Luckily the HD is OK. The floppy drive occasionally throws up seek errors
and I haven't been able to clean all of the crud off the head stepper motor.
I've found a source of replacement drives in the UK and at very reasonable

Cleaned up the mother board with warm water, detergent and a stiff brush,
then let it bake in the oven at 70C for an hour. Had to use a small grinder
and a wire brush on some of the metal work. Installed DOS and I now have
a happy computer :-)

Best Regards
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