Lithium/Lithium-ion batteries

From: M H Stein <>
Date: Mon Jan 7 01:36:51 2002

I recharge primary alkalines all the time; roughly doubles their life, although
useful time before they need recharging drops substantially. Can't let them
run down too far though, gotta recharge 'em while there's still life left, sort of
the opposite of NiCads..


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From: (Tony Duell)
Subject: Re: Lithium/Lithium-ion batteries

Incidentally, another statement often made which is also incorrect is
'Do not recharge alkaline batteries'. It's intended to apply to the
primary alkaline batteries like Duracells. But, of course, the NiCd (and
other) batteries use an alkaline electrolyte and those are designed to be

- -tony
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