recharging batteries (was: Re: Lithium/Lithium-ion batteries)

From: Tothwolf <>
Date: Mon Jan 7 03:19:15 2002

On Mon, 7 Jan 2002, M H Stein wrote:

> I recharge primary alkalines all the time; roughly doubles their life,
> although useful time before they need recharging drops substantially.
> Can't let them run down too far though, gotta recharge 'em while
> there's still life left, sort of the opposite of NiCads..

It's possible to recharge these quite a few times, but the voltage and
current have to be just right. Ambient temperature also plays a role.
62-74dF would probably be the ideal range. It is true that the more
discharged an alkaline cell is, the less it will recover. A properly
functioning NiCad charger will provide a charging voltage around 1.2 to
1.3 volts, depending on the type of charger. One of the rechargeable
"renewable/green" alkaline chargers should be closer to the proper
charging voltage of 1.5v for standard alkaline cells. I still wouldn't
recommend anyone not familiar with battery technology and safety attempt
to recharge standard alkaline cells, since overcharge could lead to the
battery leaking or exploding.

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