Sequent Symmetry S2000-450

From: SP <>
Date: Mon Jan 7 14:09:30 2002

Hi, Christopher. Mine is one Sequent Symmetry 2000
with four 486 processors and 256 Mb of memory.
I comes with one extension box with over 10 Gb of
SCSI disks. It uses Dynix like OS.

I'm in treats to get one Sequent Symmetry 5000, with
4 Pentium processors, 1Gb of memory and 10 Gb
of disk.

Both systems can be take with OS, Tapes, Documentation
and so.

The best of all os the possibility to get another one Sequent 5000
same than the other but... with one 65 Gb storage Extension box
of 180 cm high.

Good find if reliable. Don't think so ?



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>Hi Sergio,
>Sequent was/is relatively stingy with information. They are now owned by
IBM, who wouldn't even talk to me about my old machine.
>That said, the Symmetry series may be the closest thing to a real parallel
computer that was ever done with Intel CPUs. They're very cool machines. I
don't know the exact models you're seeing. Mine is a Symmetry S81, which
accepts up to 30 386/16Mhz CPUs and accompanying Weitek co-processors. It
is in a coke-machine sized cabinet, and impresses people even without the
CPU cards ;)
>Christopher Smith, Perl Developer
>Amdocs - Champaign, IL
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>print((~"\x95\xc4\xe3"^"Just Another Perl Hacker.")."\x08!\n");
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>From: SP []
>It's possible I could obtain one Sequent Symmetry S2000-450
>in a relatively short place. A similar system can be viewed in
>this eBay address:
>The system comes complete, with software, hardware and documentation.
>It need three pallets to be transported.
>There is another opportunity to get one Sequent Symmetry S5000
>that uses 4 Pentium processors and 1 Gb of memory, but this
>is in private negotiation.
>Do Somebody has information about these systems ?
>They appears to use Four processors 486, a Numa architecture
>to share memory, and one version of Unix named Dynix.
>Is there some porting of the Gnu utilities to it ?
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