Sequent Symmetry S2000-450

From: Christopher Smith <>
Date: Mon Jan 7 15:07:48 2002

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> Hi, Christopher. Mine is one Sequent Symmetry 2000
> with four 486 processors and 256 Mb of memory.
> I comes with one extension box with over 10 Gb of
> SCSI disks. It uses Dynix like OS.

I believe all Sequent machines use Dynix. It's all a question of which version you need.

I suppose some of them will run windows nt too, but why waste a perfectly good computer?

> I'm in treats to get one Sequent Symmetry 5000, with
> 4 Pentium processors, 1Gb of memory and 10 Gb
> of disk.

I'd like to see how a Sequent that new will handle, say, 16 or 32 cpus. They may very well be capable of it.

> The best of all os the possibility to get another one Sequent 5000
> same than the other but... with one 65 Gb storage Extension box
> of 180 cm high.

> Good find if reliable. Don't think so ?

Certainly, and I've never heard that they are unreliable.



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