Compenents Source?

From: Kent Borg <>
Date: Mon Jan 7 08:20:09 2002

On Fri, Jan 04, 2002 at 05:08:15PM -0500, I wrote:
> Anyone know where I could find a small, cheap, low power, amplified,
> battery powered speaker? Back when I would have bought a "telephone
> amplifier", but in 2002 I can't immedaitely find such a thing.

I posted too soon. So what if Radio Shack's online catalogue didn't
seem to have anything useful, it only took about 30-seconds after
walking into a real store to spot my solution: A cheap, two-station,
wired intercom.

The clerk wanted to upgrade me to a wireless intercom. I said I
wasn't interested and left it at that. (Saying why I want what I buy
at Radio Shack only confuses the staff and gets them telling me that
it won't work.)

For some reason I also didn't buy the extended warranty on stuff I was
about to start cutting into. Go figure.

So, after some hacking, I now have ~nearly~ what I wanted: A cheap
"speakerphone" for my cellphone.

The flaws are, first, that I need to pad the amplifier input because
the phone output is too hot for it, and second, that I need a better
handheld mic to make the CDMA vocoder as happy as I would like.

Yes, it is not a completely handsfree speakerphone, but it allows more
than one person to participate in a call, and *really* is fullduplex
for whomever is holding the mic.

Thanks for your help,

-kb, the Kent who has the remote intercom box left over.
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