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From: Jon Auringer <>
Date: Tue Jan 8 05:42:04 2002

William Donzelli wrote:
> > I think I need a commitment this week or next at the latest.
> Wow, not much time.

No, it isn't. But I just need a real commitment to wanting the hardware
so I can negotiate with the company. If I have a commitment, the actual
removal could wait until the end of January or early February at the
latest. Since my position at the company is not guaranteed, the sooner
it gets done the better.

I would have offered the equipment sooner, but I have been having
trouble getting the company to commit to giving the ZS machines away.
Communication between the involved parties has been typically poor. The
whole process of shutting down our facility has been very frustrating.

> I am in New York, actually, but frequently travel to Chicago, mostly to
> haul big things from my father's house.
> Can you take a picture of one of these machines? Also, do the three racks
> (?) come apart to make a more manageable load?

It will take a couple of days for pictures. The two main racks are
connected by _extensive_ cabling. I am doubtful that taking the two main
racks apart is feasible. One of the main racks seems to be a standard
19" wide, the other main one looks to be about 30" wide. The third rack
is a separate 19" wide unit.

I was involved in removing a pair of the machines from the UW Madison a
couple of years ago. We had four or five people to move the machines
using a rented truck with a lift gate. We rolled those machines down the
ramp into the basement of our building. Those would be the easiest to
move. The other two machines are on a main floor of the building and do
not fit in our elevator. These machines would need to be ramped down a
wide flight of stairs and out the front doors of our building. More
challenging. :)
> William Donzelli
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