Astronautics ZS-1

From: William Donzelli <>
Date: Mon Jan 7 20:58:48 2002

> I think I need a commitment this week or next at the latest.

Wow, not much time.
> There were a bunch of them. When I started here in 1989, there were over
> 150 people in this facility.

The engineering school I went to sent people to Astronautics. It was
right around 1989.

> Are you in the Madison area? Do you want to come take a look at what we
> are dealing with?

I am in New York, actually, but frequently travel to Chicago, mostly to
haul big things from my father's house.

Can you take a picture of one of these machines? Also, do the three racks
(?) come apart to make a more manageable load?

William Donzelli
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