PC Gamer, best 50 classic games issue?

From: Bryan Pope <bpope_at_wordstock.com>
Date: Tue Jan 8 11:39:26 2002

> >> > Someplace, maybe even this list (my brain is that shot from a cold),
> >> > mentioned an issue of PC Gamer that had a run down on the 50 best classic
> >> > computer games, AND how to get them working etc. Anybody know which issue
> >> > that was? A little groups.google.com searching shows it likely isn't
> >>either
> >> > the the top 50 lists in the last couple years, but I seem to remember
> >>it as
> >> > recent anyway.
> >
> >> They do this annually, although a lot of the classic games are starting to
> >> drop off the list. I'll have to dig through my stack of magazines.
> >
> >Shouldn't be a big deal to a CC-Member ... just setup a system as
> >described on the package and inset the disks :))
> Minimum requirements are the easy part. The hard part is how new of a
> system breaks the game, with a minefield extending from W3.1 on a P90 to
> W98 on a PII 233 MMX. Support for games often drops suddenly, so that
> fairly dopey advances can be problems. Also locating updates from dead
> companies can be a task too.
> When a game comes out there may be literally hundreds of decent web pages
> with tips and information. A year or so later half a dead links, and many
> pages that do exist are stale (not updated) or hollow (file links are 404s).
> Kind of strange, with the really old games the problem is finding a working
> copy, and with the middle aged games its getting the copy to work.

        There are utilities that slow down your computer. I believe there is even
one for Windows.

        At a place I worked we were having problems running FoxPro 2.6 for Windows
programs. We finally found out the problem was not that the app was being run
under NT, but how fast the machine ran. Once we used this SlowMo program to
run the FoxPro apps, everything was okay.


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