Compukit UK101

From: Adrian Graham <>
Date: Wed Jan 9 04:02:35 2002

Hi folks,

After the cap questions I got the new ones put back on my bare-board machine
last night, re-socketed all the chips, resoldered the power connections etc
(they looked a bit iffy) and switched on.....

....and got a screenful of garbage. Hmm. Then I hit both RESET keys.....

and got a boot prompt! Woo!

At this point I know I can either go into the Monitor or Basic or whatever
(ROMS are on the board) but none of the keys would do anything apart from

This made me connect up my other UK101 (with the lovely injection-moulded
bright orange case :) and that one gets as far as the screen of garbage and
won't reset.

I'm suspecting keyboard problems on both machines, but if anyone can
remember how they booted that'd be smart. I'm off to check the official
UK101 web page to see if there's any tips there too.


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