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From: Doc <>
Date: Wed Jan 9 04:21:33 2002

On Tue, 8 Jan 2002, Roger Merchberger wrote:

> 3) Here's a beauty I wish I could keep, especially after I popped the hood
> for a description. a "Network Computing Devices, Inc. System Base Model #
> 88k" - tis a skinny little critter which I'd assume to be an X-terminal,
> which sports as it's brain -- yep! A motorola 88100RC20. Yikes that's a big
> hummer! Also sports 5 72-pin memory slots (none filled), a PS2 keyboard,
> DE9 serial mouse, DB-25F "auxiliary" ?printer? port, and the monitor
> connector from hell - 26 pins, 3 rows in a female connector the size of an
> AUI port (don't remember the designation).

  Hey! I bet I've got the display cable to that! It's about 24 inches
long, 26-pin male to 3bnc. (Why did they need 26 pins to get an RGB
signal, anyway?) The only markings at all are the stamping along the
cable insulator itself. The 26-pin connector has 9 grooves circling the

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