OT: DELL SUCKS! Re: PC Gamer, best 50 classic games issue?

From: Eric Dittman <dittman_at_dittman.net>
Date: Wed Jan 9 15:52:43 2002

> >> It would seem the majority of people I confer with have nothing but pain
> >> and anguish leading to murderous thoughts when dealing with Dell.
> >>
> >> F Dell and it's namesake!
> >
> >I wonder why the disparity exists?
> Maybe because once upon a time, Dell's were actually good.

But the disparity exists today. My Inspiron 8000 is just over
a year old, and the last time I called for service was just two
weeks ago, and the service was outstanding. I called just after
6:00PM CST and the tech arrived to replace the part the next day
around 3:30PM. The part had to be shipped to the tech as well,
so I'd call that pretty good service.
Eric Dittman
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