What to do with an empty BA23

From: Matt London <classiccmp_at_knm.yi.org>
Date: Wed Jan 9 16:49:57 2002

Hi guys,
  I'm sat here wondering what I should do with this empty BA23 I've got.
I'd like to get another machine up and running, either VAX or PDP, but I
don't have the bits :&)

  If anyone in the UK has any spare bits kicking about, I'd be intrested,
if not, I might be able to arrange shipping from the US. If all else
fails, anyone think of an alternative use for a BA23? :&)

  Otherwise it's just going to carry on what it's been doing so far - sat
on the side gathering dust :&/

  On another note - anyone in the UK with a spare QBus ethernet card
(DELQA or such) they're willing to part with? I'd love to get my MVII on
the network here :&)

-- Matt

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