Apple disk -> MSDOS

From: Fred Cisin <>
Date: Wed Jan 9 20:36:34 2002

There are actually numerous ways to get files from 5.25" Apple ][
diskettes into a PC.

Serial ports are a good one. One of the best ones when the disk format is
HARDWARE incompatible.

All of the others require either special hardware, or multiple steps.
For example, there is Amiga software that can read the Apple diskettes,
and other Amiga software that can write PC.
Or, could use one of the "new" Apple 2 models to transfer to 3.5" Apple 2
diskettes (about which I know almost nothing), and then use a Mac to read
those, and a Mac to write to PC disks.

Or, could get network cards for everything and build a heterogenous

Or connect serial/modem and upload to your ISP, and then download with
another machine.

Or print it out and scan/OCR :-)

Or use a parallel printer interface (Grappler?) cable to a PC parallel
port, and write software to have the PC emulate a printer, but actually
store the incoming data (XenoComm Parallel)

Or transfer through cassette port to a Pet, read the Pet disks with an
Amiga, write Mac disks with the Amiga, use a Mac to write PC disks.

How about interfacing an IR LED to the cassette port and writing routines
to write Palm compatible IR?

It's only a problem if you want to try to do it in one step. (Such as
people who don't have a collection of miscellaneous machines)

Grumpy Ol' Fred
On Wed, 9 Jan 2002, Lawrence Walker wrote:
>  This thread has me a bit confused. Possibly why I overpaid for a
> card when I was trying to transfer things from a Doze-centric net. 
>  I wouldn't dare to question Freds knowledge of disk formats nor Sellams
> fierce devotion to A2s but isn't one of the problems to get it into a format
> where it can be saved on a PC ? The A2-GS supports older A2 formats I
> believe as well as 3.5 disks. Couldn't one save it to a 3.5 disk and then
> use the various Mac transfer programs or a power-mac to save it to a DOS
> formatted disk ? Am I missing something ? I guess the only way to learn is
> to try the exercise myself.
>  As an aside there was a surplus dealer on the net that seemed to have a
> ream of Diamond Trackstar cards going for $30 up to at least a year ago 
> when last I checked him and debated buying one.
> Lawrence
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