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From: Jeff Hellige <>
Date: Wed Jan 9 20:29:01 2002

        For a couple of years now I've been toying with different
photography setups with which to shoot pictures for my website. I've
tried various stuff with my Canon A-1 35mm setup, both long and short
lenes, as well as a couple of digital cameras, including the early
Sony's with the built in floppy drive. Anyway, tonight I came across
something interesting while in K-mart. They had a 'JamCam 3.0' by KD
Gear Interactive for $49.00. The JamCam is a small digital camera
with a 640 x 480 resolution, built-in flash, MultiMediaCard slot, USB
port and serial connection for a PC. It includes cables and software
for both PC and Mac. Now, I wasn't expecting much for that price but
I've been wanting an inexpensive digital camera to use for various
reasons so I bought it. Without an additional memory card, it will
hold 8 - 640 x 480 images in 2MB of onboard memory and it runs off of
a 9V battery. The images are as good as the $500 Sony digital
cameras of a couple of years ago.

        Just thought I'd pass it on in case anyone else was looking
for an inexpensive digital camera for various reasons.

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