OT: DELL RULES! (RE: DELL SUCKS! Re: PC Gamer, best 50 classic ga mes issue?)

From: Matthew Sell <msell_at_ontimesupport.com>
Date: Wed Jan 9 21:47:39 2002

For you Dell lovers out there, sorry. Dell can't make a laptop to save
somebody's life.

I'm on my third Dell laptop. It's not my choice - the company gets these
junkballs for me.

The first - power supply failure. Then, motherboard failure. The
technicians couldn't understand how a battery could backfeed to the power
supply. Can anyone say "diode"?

The second - BIOS stupidity. After TWELVE revisions, they finally got the
laptop to the point where it would handle PCMCIA devices and power off
correctly without requiring a quick trip to BIOS to reconfigure HD settings
every time it crashed.

My third - my currect trashball. The power supply connecter is a piece of
crap. The pins are too small for the current that is required by the PS
when charging a battery and doing productive work. The pins heat up and
distort the plastic plug. It then requires much effort to re-insert the plug.

Dell can make some servers - in my opinion. I've dealt with them at various
customer sites and I like them. As far as laptops go - .... pure shit.

I know this is off topic, but after all of the productive work I have lost
due to crappy Dell engineering, I'm mad as hell at them.

Compaq is better - but the LCD screens on their Armadas need work. After
about a year the plugs that connect the LCD to the motherboard loosen up
and the screens start wacking out. I've seen this on three machines across
two generations of Armadas.

They ain't built like they used ta'.

When we used to spend $2000 on a PC, we wanted a very high quality PC. We
wanted an IBM, with a good warranty, and a salesman on the other end that
will kill for our business.

Now we get dweebs on the phone who try to tell us we are idiots because we
actually think that their product might have a flaw. With a 6 to 9 month
design to production cycle - who actually thinks that we as consumers are
getting a decent product?

Erf. Rant mode off. I hate PC's......

         - Matt

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>glas Quebbeman writes:
> >> On Wed, 9 Jan 2002, Eric Dittman wrote:
> >>
> >> > > > Huh?! That was the last piece of business I'll EVER do with Dell.
> >> > >
> >> > > Dell service sucks donkey cock. Computers: good. Service: very bad.
> >> > >
> >> > > F Dell!
> >> >
> >> > I have a Dell Inspiron 8000 that works very well. I've had
> >> > excellent results when I've had to call in for service.
> >>
> >> F Dell and it's namesake!
> >
> >Dell Sales sucks...
> >Dell technical support sucks...
> >Dell customer service sucks...
> >
> >But Dell peecees are the most stable peecees I've ever
> >seen. Their notebooks are the same Acers everyone else
> >sells.
>(N.B. It's really hard to edit this down to just what
>I'm replying to.)
>It's ironic that this thread came up today. A Dell I
>had in my office died this morning and it wasn't really
>a cheap or low end one. We've had a couple of these dual
>PIIs with pretty nice dual SCSI buses die in the same
>On the other hand, we've got a couple of rack mount
>dual P4s they loaned us for evaluation. I think they
>wanted to go head to head with the similar HPs we have.
>I've really been trying to hate both the HPs and the
>Dells, but I can't. They're almost real computers
>(except for the absence of blinking lights of course).
>Brian L. Stuart

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