OT: DELL RULES! (RE: DELL SUCKS! Re: PC Gamer, best 50 classic ga mes issue?)

From: Eric J. Korpela <korpela_at_ssl.berkeley.edu>
Date: Wed Jan 9 22:25:02 2002

> I'm on my third Dell laptop. It's not my choice - the company gets these
> junkballs for me

I bought a second hand Latitude ci and just love it.

> The second - BIOS stupidity. After TWELVE revisions, they finally got the
> laptop to the point where it would handle PCMCIA devices and power off
> correctly without requiring a quick trip to BIOS to reconfigure HD settings
> every time it crashed.

My BIOS is R7 and I've never had a problem (other than problems with the crappy

> My third - my currect trashball. The power supply connecter is a piece of
> crap. The pins are too small for the current that is required by the PS
> when charging a battery and doing productive work. The pins heat up and
> distort the plastic plug. It then requires much effort to re-insert the plug.

My laptop has been plugged in and powered on for about 3 days. The power
connector isn't warm to the touch. I did have to replace a power supply after
someone stepped on the plug.

I don't have many complaints about my Dell desktop machine either.

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